NMSU Auxiliary Services is dedicated to providing quality food choices for students, faculty and staff. We mix locally-owned restaurants with the best national brands to make students feel comfortable no matter where they may have traveled from. In addition to our many fine restaurants and food vendors, NMSU also provides three convenience stores (Corbett Corner adjacent to Corbett Center Student Union, Aggie Express at Vista Del Monte, and inside the NMSU Bookstore.

                  Click here for current hours.

                  Click here to determine your eligibility for a credit adjustment regarding housing, dining and parking for Spring Semester 2023. For complete details, please click this link. 

                  STUDENT MEAL PLANS

                  Apply via Housing & Dining
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                  DINING OPTIONS

                  Apply via Mail-In Form
                  Apply via Payroll Deduction

                  We appreciate your feedback. Please send any comments or suggestions to auxservices@nmsu.edu and a representative from the appropriate NMSU department or food vendor will contact you immediately.

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